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Effects of Snoring on Relationships

People who snore can experience significant complications, such as additional medical risks and constant sleepiness. Snoring may be an indication of obstructed breathing or another health issue. To make matters worse, snoring can also make you feel self-conscious and may cause your bed partner to experience restless nights.

If you sleep with a spouse or a partner, your snoring may also deprive him or her of sleep. As a result, your spouse or partner is forced to battle sleep deprivation, impaired cognitive function, and other symptoms just like you have to. This may lead to arguments, impatience, resentment, and tension in your relationship. And if both parties are exhausted and frustrated, small issues can quickly grow into massive relationship obstacles.

In an estimated 80% of these cases, the non-snoring sleep-mate will resort to sleeping in another room in the hope of finally getting a good night's rest. Once couples start sleeping in separate rooms, emotional and sexual aspects of their relationship may suffer. Additionally, children and loved ones may feel confused by this example and attribute other motives for your decision to sleep apart. As a result, your intimate relationships can suffer significantly and may even be ruined.

Because sleep is so crucial for our physical health and mental functioning, impaired sleep can create safety problems for you, your partner, and those you may be around during the day. Consequently, it is important for your health, your spouse's or partner's health, and for your relationship that you find a way to stop snoring.

Not all snoring has the same cause. If you can figure out why you snore, then you and your sleeping partner can find appropriate solutions to quieter, deeper sleep together. Your doctor can recommend lifestyle changes such as losing weight and quitting smoking, and he or she may recommend further medical intervention like a nighttime breathing device if necessary. Most importantly, you and your spouse or partner must appreciate each other's efforts to find a healthy solution together.

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